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Scale Facilitation® Promotes Vanessa Geronimo as CFO and Michael Winn as COO

New York, NY, February 20, 2023 – Vanessa Geronimo has been appointed the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Michael Winn has been appointed the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Scale Facilitation®.

Vanessa previously served as Scale Facilitation® Managing Director, Finance. In her new role, she joins the Scale Facilitation® C-suite and will oversee all finance-related areas, with a special focus on driving financial frameworks that embrace our global business strategies and providing guidance and structure to our capital raise finance process. Vanessa will be the company’s executive sponsor for its global implementation of SAP in 2023, a strategic investment being made by the company as it looks to ensure enhanced financial control and reporting across its many diverse businesses and jurisdictions. Vanessa’s executive sponsorship of the project aligns with her experience building best-in-class financial processes and scalable solutions from the ground up for business and key corporate finance initiatives.

Vanessa is a global Finance and Accounting leader within the financial services industry with over 20 years of impactful record of success notably at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and various regulated FinTech startup companies. She has built and transformed financial and accounting operations at various high-growth startup firms and played an integral role in numerous capital raise and M&A transactions.

Michael served as the inaugural Head of SFO at Scale Facilitation®, one of the company's six strategic pillars, and will continue in this role as he takes on his new responsibilities. In his new role, Michael joins the Scale Facilitation® C-suite and is charged with implementing the operational strategy of Scale Facilitation® as the company enters a period of accelerated growth. He will continue to be responsible for the operational oversight of portfolio companies, integrating people, processes, and priorities to streamline execution and create value across the organization. Michael is a United States Marine Veteran with over 20 years of experience developing and leading teams through complex and challenging environments around the world. He is a dedicated leader with extensive experience building high performing teams and leading them to success in fast-paced and complex environments in both the military and private industry. CEO and Founder, David A. Collard says the decision to promote Vanessa and Michael comes at a time when Scale Facilitation® is experiencing significant global growth and fits well with his leadership vision for the company.

“Vanessa and Mike have both made extraordinary contributions to Scale Facilitation® and exemplify the skills, vision, values, and experience needed for these vital roles. They both have demonstrated outstanding leadership and dedication to the company, our stakeholders, and their teammates – Most importantly they have the highest integrity and are not shy of sharing their perspectives with me even if it’s a difficult message to deliver,” says David.

About Scale Facilitation® With its Global Headquarters in Manhattan and its Global Innovation Center in Geelong, Australia, Scale Facilitation® is working bilaterally to bring together research, advanced manufacturing, capital, supply chains and talent.

Scale Facilitation® is an investment firm with a novel approach de-risking projects by empowering innovators to maintain focus on their craft and facilitating the many critical services and capabilities required to deliver large-scale advanced manufacturing and innovation projects. Scale Facilitation® removes the many barriers to commercialization for innovators by giving access to the right strategic partners and collaborators who will adopt and scale their inventions.

For more information on Scale Facilitation®, please visit or connect with Scale Facilitation® on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.


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