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Scale Analyst Program™

Crafting the Robust Leaders of Tomorrow


The Scale Analyst Program™ guides participants to gain hands-on experience and professional growth while using their skills to help solve some of the world's toughest problems.

Scale Facilitation® is giving graduates an opportunity to join a diverse and rapidly growing international company working at the leading edge of innovation.
A multi-disciplined approach focused on developing talented and driven professionals to become integral members of the Scale Facilitation® community. 

The Scale Analyst Program™ is a 12-month program that affords participants the opportunity to grow personally and professionally as they align across Scale Facilitation® and integrate with exceptional Australian and international team members.


Scale Analysts™ are well supported and learn the skills and values of teamwork, project management, communication, leadership, community engagement, and importantly, purposeful employment.



Gain Diverse Experience – The insights you gain will shape your professional foundation across all strategic pillars of Scale Facilitation®.

Team Driven Impact– Lift the impact of Australia’s research, work with other talented professionals, observe and learn, contribute to solutions, have your opinion valued and participate in internal & external development opportunities.  

Career Progression – Enjoy individual development as you learn and grow with our team and become a leader in R&D support and commercialization. 

Professional Network – Develop professional relationships as part of our global team, collaborate with government, research institutions, defense, industry and business.

Become a Scale Analyst™

Build a solid career foundation from which to scale.

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