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Access New York™


Facilitating access to the United States for Australian start-ups and SMEs.

As part of its commitment to foster innovation, support the growth of Australian companies, and strengthen the alliance between Australia and the United States, Scale Facilitation® has established the Access New York™ offering.

The program is designed to enable Australian start-ups and SMEs access to the lucrative U.S. market and set each company up for long-term success.

Scale Facilitation® will form and establish a legal U.S. entity with the appropriate licensing.  The services and access will be provided in return for an agreed equity stake in a newly formed U.S. entity. This entity will have exclusive international territory rights.

Scale Facilitation® aims to not dilute the Australian owners and/or entrepreneurs' equity in the existing Australian entity through this program.

Access to Scale Facilitation® support including marketing, capital, liquidity management, technology, R&D, operational support, and channels to market.

Structured one-month Scale Program to set up for US expansion success

Introduction to leading Ivy League and/or other aligned US Research institutions (If applicable.)

Roundtrip airfares to New York for two company employees.

Dedicated MBA Student to develop a US Market Access Success Strategy.

Access to U.S. regulatory expertise across a range of fields.

Dedicated office space for two company employees to work from for one month.

Access to senior leadership within Scale Facilitation®, including C-Suite, Scale Officers, US fund team.

Introduction to key US Networks not typically utilized or known by Australian businesses.

University Involvement

Scale Facilitation® is seeking MBA students to help conduct market analysis and develop a market entry strategy for Australian companies seeking to enter the United States market via the Access New York™ program.

The work conducted by the MBA student will be funded by Scale Facilitation® as part of this program. This may take the form of a cash payment, equity in the U.S. entity for which the analysis is being conducted or a combination of both. 

Student Benefits:

Students participating in the Access New York program will also benefit via the following:

  • Job Opportunities
    This program may lead to potential employment opportunities for the student, either with Scale Facilitation® or the participating company

  • International Business Exposure
    Students will be exposed to Australian companies and will have the opportunity to understand Australian business practices

  • Network Development
    Students will have the opportunity to develop professional networks within the New York and Australian finance, government and broader industrial sectors

  • Access to Scale Facilitation® Experts
    Students will gain exposure to Scale Facilitation® experts across finance, communications, marketing, digital media and technology.

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United States Entity Formation 

Upon completion of the market entry strategy and determination that a viable market exists in the United States for the Australian company in question, a U.S. operating entity will be created which will have exclusive rights to conduct business for the Australian company in the United States.

Access New York™

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