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Strategic Pillars




Scale Facilitation Scouting (SFS) is responsible for identifying state-of-the-art research projects or market-ready innovations, managing the pipeline of cutting-edge inventions and onboarding innovation partners into the Scale Facilitation® process.


Setting The Tone

SFS works closely with both inventors and our research partners' commercialization offices to ensure trust is established from day one, leading to a more collaborative relationship for the life of the project.


Lead Generation

Due to the unique nature of Scale Facilitation®, numerous conversations are held with international industry partners, government, military and U.S. research institutions. These conversations often generate research gaps and project leads which SFS then facilitates to Australian research service providers. These leads may end up as portfolio companies or referred research service fee income for our Australian research partners.

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Company Creation

Scale Facilitation Operations (SFO) take care of all aspects of company creation, from registration through to regulatory compliance, removing the burden from innovators and allowing them to focus on what they do best – create world changing inventions.

Commercialization Partners

SFO leverages its significant networks and multiplier partners to identify and engage strategic commercialization partners for each project to ensure adoption of the innovation once the research and development phase is complete.


International Expertise

SFO also utilizes its network to engage U.S. research partners and other experts where their knowledge or access to facilities or populations is required to execute core research activities conducted in Australia. Collaboration between our two countries' research institutions strengthens our historic bonds, and serves our collective sovereign interests while strengthening the marketability and impact of research outcomes.

Scale Officers™

SFO assigns a Scale Officer™ to each project to support the portfolio company in its journey to commercialization and scale. Scale Officers™ help design and execute a strategic plan, coordinate the supporting activities of an R&D project, research and identify adoption partners, liaise with regulators and engage government. Scale Officers develop an intimate knowledge of the portfolio company and are incentivized to achieve market scale.


Our close working relationship with the Special Operators Transition Foundation (SOTF) has led to SFO recruiting numerous veterans from U.S. Special Operation Forces to help structure companies, build key relationships, and drive projects to a successful completion.


Digital Strategy From The Genesis

Digital Scale Facilitation (DSF) is our digital strategy team that assists our Scale Facilitation portfolio companies in marketing, branding, websites, and audio and visual content creation. DSF is engaged early in the formation of portfolio companies and support them throughout their journey to commercialization where they will ultimately assist in branding and marketing the realized innovation.


Telling The Story

DSF enables innovators and portfolio companies to communicate their vision, ambition, and passion for their work, and is pivotal in allowing commercialization and adoption partners to understand the value of an innovation.

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Certainty In Project Funding

Scale Facilitation Partners (SFP) provides funding for research and development projects with a goal of commercializing the resulting innovations. Capital is provided through our scale facilitation fund complex or direct investment facilitated by SFP.


Additional Funding Milestones

Companies are allocated Investment Classes depending on their stage of development and progress through the Investment Classes as development projects reach pre-determined key milestones. Progression to the next Investment Class triggers a company valuation and round of investment.


Investors can be diversified or concentrated across development stages, research organization, field of research or other parameters.

Stages of Development

We invest in a range of innovation companies across five defined stages of development from early-stage research and development through to solving integration funding or scale capital needs.


Class A



Class B



Class C



Class D



Class E



Cash Is King

Innovation Security (I-SEC) is the liquidity arm of Scale Facilitation®, providing support to portfolio companies during their critical research and development phase with liquidity strategies, back-stop facilities and expertise.


‘Cash is king’ for all entities but it is especially critical for new ventures.

I-SEC frees up valuable time and energy for key research projects and for company personnel to focus on completing projects.



Market Access

Scale Facilitation Channels (SFC) manages our diverse distribution pathways. SFC has access to a range of channels to market helping new products, technologies and innovations reach their intended consumers when they commercialize and scale.


Channels In Place

Our portfolio companies have been awarded state-based government procurement contracts with New York State which can be leveraged by portfolio companies for immediate market penetration.


The portfolio company is a cloud-based platform and channel to market for software applications. We have also developed a broad, inclusive and incentivized reseller network for our portfolio companies physical and licensed products.

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