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A New Fund For A New World

We are not a private equity fund, nor are we a sovereign wealth fund, a hedge fund, or a typical venture capital fund. We are a hybrid fund focused on scaling technology and other innovations from domestic markets that don't have the size to scale or that have other barriers in place.


Scale Facilitation™ removes the barriers to commercialization and facilitates innovators with the right strategic partners who will adopt, and truly scale their innovations. 

Our approach is unique, focusing on natural and proprietary comparative advantages across all stages of the innovation continuum.

Realize Your Global Potential

A uniform approach to risk and return

Scale Facilitation™ applies a uniform approach to allow our investment partners unique diversification and concentration opportunities while providing our research partners certainty in project funding.


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Class B



Class C



Class D



Class E


Client Facilitation


We connect investors with large government and corporates who, by extension of their size, create scaling opportunities for your innovation.



We leverage our extensive banking and consulting firm network that intrinsically have multisector relationships with large scale clients – allowing us to create multipliers for you.


Mutual Interest

Our strategy of forging these relationships creates a value exchange. This ensures that all parties have a vested interest in the success of your innovation.

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Growth Facilitation


We provide the funding needed to research, develop, or integrate your solution with large government and corporate clients.

Long-Term Incentive

Capital is provided by the fund in return for equity. Importantly, this incentive is fair and transparent - reflective of the reduction in risk Scale Facilitation™ drives.



Facilitating adoption of the innovation generates ongoing revenue for the portfolio company, which increases our investors' returns.

Facilitation News


Samsung Electronics partner in trial of VMS screening technology

Samsung Electronics recently announced it will be trialling the VMS technology on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

A product of one of Scale Facilitation Partners' portfolio companies, VMS was developed through a collaboration between Alfred Health, Deakin University's Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute and the National Trauma Research Institute.

A textbook example of Scale Facilitation™ at work incorporating strategic foresight, collaborative and transparent commercialization dialog and a true scale partner in Samsung Electronics. 


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The inventor, the investor, the adoption partner and humankind all scale.