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A vision for humankind.

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Scale Facilitation empowers comapnies

A Company that creates Companies™

At its simplest, the Scale Facilitation® firm is expert in empowering innovation from an idea through to commercialization.  

Scale Facilitation® removes the barriers to commercialization and facilitates innovators with the right strategic partners who will adopt, and truly scale their innovations.

Our approach is unique, focusing on natural and proprietary comparative advantages across all stages of the innovation continuum.

A uniform approach to risk and return

Scale Facilitation® applies a uniform approach to allow our investment partners unique diversification and concentration opportunities while providing our research partners certainty in project funding.

Scale Facilitation Ideation process

Class A


Scale Facilitation Translational process

Class B


Scale Facilitation Integration process

Class C


Scale Facilitation commercialization process

Class D


The full innovation process at Scale Facilitation

Class E


Partner with us

The inventor, the investor, the adoption partner and humankind all scale.

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