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First wave of specialized talent visas granted for Recharge Industries™ AUS battery cell project

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Key international expertise from across the globe will enhance the Recharge Industries™ onshore team with its first round of Temporary Activity (subclass 408) visas just granted. These visas will bring highly specialized subject matter experts in battery manufacturing to Australia from the United States (U.S.) and European Union to assist in establishing a large-scale production facility, and importantly, to help train local Australian talent to be employed across a variety of roles.

The visa holders will provide immense benefit to Recharge Industries’™ mission by sharing their uniquely specialized expertise in various areas including technology-focused management, engineering support and advice, battery manufacturing and production planning, optimization of production and logistical processes, among others. The visas will allow Recharge Industries™ subject matter experts, including its recently appointed Chief Scale Officer, U.S Major General (Ret’d) Robert A “Bob” Karmazin, the opportunity to observe and take part in building a large-scale battery cell facility and other production activities. Visa holders will be invited to take part in several “work sprints” in Australia, maximizing their expertise, time, and impact within these critical periods. Recharge Industries™ has been well supported by Global Australia throughout the visa process. Global Australia recently identified the battery cell facility to be built by Recharge Industries™ Australian subsidiary, Recharge Production™, as a ‘Priority Project’.

Jess Harding, Recharge Industries™ Talent Attraction and Retention lead, praised Global Australia and the positive impact Recharge Industries™ will have on Australia’s transition to green energy, “With the support provided by Global Australia and the Australian Department of Home Affairs we can continue to fast track our plans to produce local renewable energy battery cells which will be used in a variety of other Australian critical industries.” Scale Facilitation®, the project proponent of Recharge Industries™, has been extremely active in bilateral transfers of talent, capital, and technology across several critical sectors, all aimed at strengthening the individual and combined sovereign resilience of Australia and the U.S. David A. Collard, Founder and Managing Partner of Scale Facilitation® noted, “Scale Facilitation® has benefited from numerous U.S. E-3 Speciality Occupation visas issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and I strongly believe the issuance of these critical Australian visas reflects the ongoing role Scale Facilitation® can play in strengthening strategic talent transfers between Australia, the U.S. and friendly nations of both countries.”

About Recharge Industries™ Generating our green future, Recharge Industries™ is establishing onshore battery cell research and production. Using world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and multinational research partnerships, we are finding ways to make batteries better, safer, and longer lasting. We are powering the transition to a low emissions future by creating advanced battery cell manufacturing capabilities onshore. About Scale Facilitation® In its simplest form, Scale Facilitation® is a company that creates companies. Experts in empowering innovation from an idea through to commercialization, Scale Facilitation® manages and has delivered key strategic projects between the United States of America and its long-term ally Australia, including Recharge Industries™.


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