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Vanessa Geronimo joins Scale Facilitation® as New Managing Director of Finance

Scale Facilitation® welcomes Vanessa Geronimo as the new Managing Director of Finance. With over 20 years of impactful success, Vanessa is a global Finance and Accounting leader within the financial services industry. At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, she was recognized as “Top 10% talent” within two years at the firm.

Vanessa has significant Big 4 experience and has assisted Fortune 500 companies with financial internal controls, regulatory compliance, and operational effectiveness. During her time at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, she learned the foundation and intricacies of the complex world of the financial industry, specifically Alternative Investments, and was selected as a key participant in several Executive Leadership Programs within the organization.

She has a solid track record in establishing effective systems of governance, risk management, and internal controls which played a crucial role in the rapid, successful growth at her previous firms. These included highly regulated start-up companies. This experience equipped her with specific skills and wisdom that led to lasting relationships with key players within the industry, which built trust and ultimately cost efficiencies for each company she joined.

At Scale Facilitation®, Vanessa will leverage her deep experience in the financial services industry along with her extensive network to build best-in-class strategies and scalable solutions from the ground up for their funds business and key corporate finance initiatives.

“Scale Facilitation® is revolutionizing the path of ideation to innovation, and I am extremely grateful and excited to be part of the journey,” says Vanessa.

“Our proprietary business strategy combined with our unique funds structure levels the playing field for inventors who lack the financial support and network of technical and managerial expertise for their idea to come to fruition. We help inventors manage obstacles along their way to commercialization, which in turn produces breakthrough and disruptive innovations that will benefit humankind and I am immensely proud to be part of it.”

Vanessa is a CPA and holds a Series 27 FINRA license. She has an MBA degree with strategic focus on Finance and Economics from Stern School of Business – New York University in New York and Bachelor of Science in Accounting from SUNY Old Westbury in New York.


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