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Sun Kang joins Scale Facilitation® as New Head of SFP

Scale Facilitation® welcomes Sun Kang as the new Head of Scale Facilitation Partners (SFP). Sun will leverage her financial leadership experience to accelerate growth within SFP, including its Australian Scale Facilitation Fund I, which provides funding for research and development projects and seeks to commercialize the resulting innovations.

Sun has served as a global Chief Operating Officer (COO) within the financial services sector and has had an exceptional career at top financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. Before joining the Scale Facilitation® team, Sun was a Managing Director at Bank of America Securities, where she led multiple teams as a Global Markets COO. As head of Client Analytics, Client Lifecycle, and Policy and Procedures teams, she led strategic initiatives to grow the client franchise across institutional banking and markets.

Sun's leadership and ability to drive both commercial and operational improvements across front office product teams, operations, and compliance resulted in generating incremental revenues, significant cost savings, and improved client experience. Sun also held senior roles in business and product development at a global macro hedge fund, global asset manager, and private bank. Sun began her career at Goldman Sachs as an equities analyst, where she covered multi-industry sectors for nearly a decade.

Sun will provide overall direction at SFP, which seeks to create access for investment in our portfolio companies, as well as pursue strategic options and financing solutions. Providing capital support to our partners enables innovators to continue innovating without funding uncertainty and gaps. Capital is provided through our Scale Facilitation® fund complex or direct investments arranged by SFP.

Scale Facilitation® connects inventors to the right investment partners and removes common barriers to commercialization while providing innovators with expert strategic partners who will adopt and scale their innovations to a global market. Innovation companies and advanced manufacturing facilities are facilitated between Australia and the US under the Friend Shoring™️ Program such as Recharge Industries™️, a large-scale lithium-ion battery cell production facility.

“Sun is a fabulous addition to the Scale Facilitation® team,” says Scale Facilitation® CEO and founder David A. Collard. “Her financing skills, experience, and network are extraordinary.”

"I am excited to join the Scale Facilitation® team. Scale Facilitation® Is establishing a new paradigm to create value through its approach to start-up companies, especially between US and Australia, as well as strategically aligned countries. We are an Innovation accelerator poised to redefine how companies can grow, from ideation in an R&D lab to a profitable business," says Sun.

Sun graduated with honors from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and was the recipient of several awards and scholarships as a Maryland Distinguished Scholar. She is based in New York City.


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