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Scale Facilitation® Trademark Accepted by USPTO

Protecting intellectual property is paramount to the success of any business. It is particularly important at Scale Facilitation® as the core of our business involves facilitating innovations across several fields of research and development and scaling them into international markets.

With this in mind, we submitted our own word and design trademark for Scale Facilitation® to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for certification in two important classes we operate in. Scale Facilitation® is excited to announce our acceptance by the USPTO in both classes.

Our logo and the words ‘Scale Facilitation’ are now legally protected, allowing us to migrate from the ™ symbol to an ® symbol, which recognizes ‘Scale Facilitation’ as a registered trademark with the legal protection only a registered trademark provides.

The USPTO registered Scale Facilitation® across the following two classes:

  • IC 035 – Business Networking, namely, arranging business introductions; business development consulting service; business facilitation services, namely, connecting inventors and manufacturers with prospective governmental and corporate buyers; and

  • IC 036 – Business financing service; business brokerage services

Scale Facilitation® is proud to have taken this significant step and further its longstanding goal to help everyone, including innovation partners, to protect their intellectual property.


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