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SaniteX Global channel launched

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The original application of the Scale Facilitation® process began in November 2019 with $1,400, a few hundred tiny plastic bottles, and a simple name: SaniteX. To date, it has won state contracts across Australia and achieved one of the biggest contracts in New York.

At the beginning of its journey, Scale Facilitation's® prime contract channel was originally known for health and safety products including hand sanitizers and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SaniteX made a conscious effort to provide products at cost price, and in some instances for free to nonprofit organizations and regional areas severely impacted by supply chain shortages.

As the genesis of the Scale Facilitation® strategy, the growth of SaniteX was facilitated to expand into multiple continents supplying government agencies, law enforcement, education, and private sector industries.

Diversifying from its origins as a micro-size company and engaging a slight re-brand, SaniteX Global is now a valuable channel for Scale Facilitation®.

SaniteX Global’s role as a Scale Facilitation® Channel is to support innovators to find a place on prime contracts, either off the back of contracts awarded to SaniteX Global or facilitated by the team to win contracts of their own.

Through successfully adapting to unprecedented challenges, SaniteX Global has grown to partner with the world’s leading innovators and scientific research organizations.

Like Scale Facilitation®, SaniteX Global believes in supporting products and technology that will benefit people globally.


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