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News channel established

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Scale Facilitation® has acquired on July 1st, recognizing the increasing importance of Prop-Tech (property-technology) designed to enhance the efficiency of buildings. is a cloud-based platform that hosts a suite of accessible, evidence-based apps to support schools, offices, and other infrastructure re-open after prolonged closures and stay open safely into the future. utilized its networks across the world, creating technologies with Australia’s biggest university by student size, Deakin University, and secured relationships with the New York State Government through its chief economic development arm. launched in New York in August 2021 with its predictive procurement tool, the Smart Analytical Mode (SAM), aimed at providing the education sector with precise, vetted, and compliant procurement. maintains a focus on both the United States and Australia, fostering a positive relationship and working to build a bio-bridge to ensure secure supply chains between the two powers into the future.


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