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Scale Facilitation® announces Scale Analyst Program in Geelong.

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

GEELONG, AUS – SaniteX Global has appointed five recent graduates across multiple discipline areas to be part of its inaugural graduate initiative, the Scale Analyst Program™, which will harness the momentum of motivated new talent to facilitate constructive growth for the company and new graduates alike.

Hailing from Deakin University – a trusted Australian institution ranked among the top 50 young universities in the world – the new Scale Analysts will get immersive and practical interdepartmental experience and engage in meaningful community service throughout the year-long program.

Unlike traditional rotational graduate schemes, the Scale Analyst Program™ embeds both business and military characteristics and discipline through the company’s class of business and military elite, known as Strategic Operators and Special Operators, respectively. The Scale Analysts will hit the ground running while being well supported and learning the values of teamwork, stress management, communication, leadership, community engagement, and importantly respect for the value of employment.

Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University, Professor Iain Martin says the program will foster the talent of these motivated alumni, identified through the ‘Deakin Talent’ department, and help further mold them into innovative future leaders. “This innovative program builds on the strengths of both Deakin and SaniteX Global. Providing local opportunities within a global group of companies gives our graduates an incredible base from which to help build their careers,” says Professor Martin.

Leading the Scale Analyst Program™ is Jeff Boers, SaniteX Global’s Director of Strategic Projects, who is a US Army Special Operations Leader with over 28 years of experience in high-performance roles in elite units and numerous operational deployments. “It’s important to emphasize that this isn’t just a 12-month rotational program. It’s a program that will afford participants the ability to grow personally and professionally as they align across our various lines of business and integrate with our team members,” says Boers. “We are a diverse and rapidly growing international company and this program presents an opportunity for selected individuals to potentially secure a rewarding position with us.”

The Scale Analyst Program™ complements an existing program for transitioning SOF veterans into the global company, the Scale Officer Program™, where experienced hires are trained to execute highly sensitive R&D projects through to adoption and ultimately scaling. New York-based CEO and Founder David A. Collard is continuing this commitment, to help people find worthwhile roles, by employing across his home country of Australia and adopted home, America. “Generating jobs and building the local community spirit back is needed just as much in Geelong as it is in New York right now,” says Collard. “Meaningful employment while integrating our elite higher education and military institutions into our corporation is what this is all about.”


About SaniteX Global Originating in Geelong and currently located at the Pivot City innovation hub, SaniteX Global is one of many companies under the Scale Facilitation® umbrella founded by New York-based David A. Collard, a Geelong boy who moved to the Big Apple over a decade ago. Through successfully adapting to unprecedented challenges, SaniteX Global has grown to partner with the world’s leading innovators and scientific research organizations, and expand into multiple continents supplying government agencies, law enforcement, education, and private sector industries. Having already filled their first office in Geelong, with roughly 25 new hires since the June 2021 opening, SaniteX Global is in discussions to take on more space in the Pivot City innovation precinct. Beginning a graduate program and assisting the next generation is part of this expansion mission.

About Deakin University Deakin University is an internationally recognized university and research institution. SaniteX Global and Deakin University have a blossoming relationship, collaborating initially to develop innovative technologies that better the world in 2020, followed by their founder, David A. Collard committing $1 million on behalf of the company to Deakin University’ Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) during the opening of SaniteX Global’s new office in Geelong in June 2021, gracefully accepted by Deakin’s Vice-Chancellor – Research, Julie Owens.

About Jeff Boers Jeff Boers is an experienced US Army Special Operations leader, serving over 28 years in high-performing organizations, including the 75th Ranger Regiment, the Green Berets, and the US intelligence community, and having been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and many other parts of the globe. In this capacity, he built coalitions, led multinational organizations, developed regional strategies, and executed complex operations. Leading the Scale Analyst Program™, Boers will use his experience building high-performing teams to guide participants through the exceptional program.


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