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What is Scale Facilitation® Operations?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

As the name suggests, Scale Facilitation® Operations (SFO) is the operations pillar of Scale Facilitation®. SFO is responsible for company creation and finding commercialization partners, utilizing the international expertise of Scale Facilitation's® highly trained Scale Officers.

SFO takes care of the back-end aspects that are often a barrier for innovators, such as company creation, registration, and regulatory compliance. This frees up innovators to focus on what they do best - innovate.

Leveraging significant networks and multiplier partners, SFO identifies and engages strategic commercialization partners for each project. Making the right connections is crucial for innovations to ensure adoption once the research and development are complete.

The SFO network is vast and spreads internationally. SFO utilizes the comparative advantages of Australia and the US, gaining knowledge and access to facilities and populations required to execute core research activities. Collaboration between the two countries is greatly important to Scale Facilitation™ as it strengthens historic bonds and the impact of joint research, serves our collective sovereign interests.

SFO assigns highly trained Scale Officers – many of whom are U.S. Special Operation Forces veterans – to each project to support the portfolio company in achieving commercialization and scale. They help design and execute strategic plans, coordinate the supporting activities of an R&D project, research and identify adoption partners, liaise with regulators, and engage government.


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