Scale Facilitation Fund

A New Fund for a New World

We are not a private equity fund, nor are we a sovereign wealth fund, a hedge fund, or a typical venture capital fund. We are a hybrid fund focused on scaling technology and other innovations from domestic markets that don't have the size to scale or that have other barriers in place.

Australian Scale Facilitation Fund I



  • Partner with research service providers from all Australian States and Territories.

  • Facilitate innovations which act as channels to market for future innovations, therefore establishing market access for our research partners and subsequent portfolio companies.

  • Diversify across Australian States, Fields of Research (FoR), Stages of Development (SoD), and Research Service Providers (RSP).

  • Understand the socioeconomic impact of our investments through research, data-driven reporting and third-party data validation.

  • Maintain uniformity in approach to increase secondary market trading appeal and increased liquidity for our investors.

Portfolio Companies


  • The fund has an initial mandate to form and facilitate 50 research and development projects to achieve its objectives outlined above.

  • All 50 vehicles have been formed and domiciled across all Australian States and Territories.

  • Our current project vehicles span all five Stages of Development with our team actively scouting R&D candidates for the remaining vehicles.

Partner with us

The inventor, the investor, the adoption partner and humankind all scale