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Scale Facilitation Fund

A New Fund for a New World

We are not a private equity fund, nor are we a sovereign wealth fund, a hedge fund, or a typical venture capital fund. We are a hybrid fund focused on scaling technology and other innovations from domestic markets that don't have the size to scale or that have other barriers in place.

Scale Facilitation Fund I

Launching soon



  • Partner with research service providers from all Australian States and Territories.

  • Facilitate innovations which act as channels to market for future innovations, therefore establishing market access for our research partners and subsequent portfolio companies.

  • Diversify across Australian States, Fields of Research (FoR), Stages of Development (SoD), and Research Service Providers (RSP).

  • Understand the socioeconomic impact of our investments through research, data-driven reporting and third-party data validation.

  • Maintain uniformity in approach to increase secondary market trading appeal and increased liquidity for our investors.

Portfolio Companies


  • The fund has an initial mandate to form and facilitate 50 research and development projects to achieve its objectives outlined above.

  • All 50 vehicles have been formed and domiciled across all Australian States and Territories.

  • Our current project vehicles span all five Stages of Development with our team actively scouting R&D candidates for the remaining vehicles.


The contents of this website or other communication (including any materials linked to from this website or other communication and any attachments included herewith, this “Communication”) is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security and may not be relied upon in connection with the purchase or sale of any security, asset, property or service. 


Investing in an investment product made available by Scale Facilitation Partners LLC or any affiliate thereof (collectively, “Scale Facilitation Partners”), including any investment in any commingled investment vehicle, any managed account, “fund of one”, or operating entity (each, an “Investment”), involves a high degree of risk. Prior to investing, investors must familiarize themselves with the offering materials and other documents and agreements associated with making such investment (collectively, the “Offering Documents”) and be prepared to absorb the risks associated with any such investment, including a total loss of all invested capital. The complete terms regarding an investment in an Investment, including the investment program, use of proceeds, fees and charges, tax considerations, risk factors, conflicts of interest and liquidity, are set forth in the Offering Documents associated with such Investment.


No assurances can be given that any aims, assumptions, expectations, and/or goals expressed or implied in the Communication were or will be realized, or that the strategies described in this Communication have continued or will continue at all or in the same manner as is described.  Any information relating to past performance of any entity managed, advised, sponsored or otherwise associated with Scale Facilitation Partners should not be construed as an indication of future results of any such entity or any Investment. This Communication has been prepared using information believed by the author to be reliable and accurate, but Scale Facilitation Partners makes no warranty as to accuracy or completeness.

This Communication in its entirety is published by Scale Facilitation Partners Pty Ltd (ACN 663 404 082) (Investment Manager), a corporate authorised representative (No. 001301648) of SILC Fiduciary Solutions Pty Ltd ACN 638 984 602 (AFSL 522145) (AFSL Holder). The authority of the Investment Manager is limited to general advice and deal by arranging services to wholesale clients relating to the Scale Facilitation Fund (Fund) only.  Investment management services in the United States are provided by SFP Management, LLC which is an exempt reporting adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. 

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