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What is Scale Facilitation® Scouting?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Scale Facilitation® Scouting (SFS) is the pillar of Scale Facilitation® responsible for identifying state-of-the-art research projects or market-ready innovations and managing the pipeline of cutting-edge innovations.

First impressions count, which is why SFS spends time with both inventors and research partners during the onboarding process to set a tone of trust from day one. The importance of trust cannot be overstated as it leads to more collaborative relationships and longevity for projects.

In working with innovators and in the innovation space, SFS gathers information to identify research gaps and project leads, which SFS can facilitate through Australian research service providers. These leads may become Scale Facilitation® portfolio companies or find a home with worthy research partners.

SFS is unique in its reach, holding connections with international industry partners, government, military, and research institutions.


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