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What is Scale Facilitation® Partners?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The financial pillar of Scale Facilitation®, Scale Facilitation® Partners (SFP) operates entirely differently from a typical fund, finding unique ways to uniformly support innovations and provide security for investors.

SFP provides capital to research and development through the Scale Facilitation® Fund complex or direct investment facilitated by SFP, with a view to commercializing resulting innovations. It provides inventors with certainly in project funding, ensuring innovations aren't lost, and provides security for investors to both diversify or concentrate across development stages, research organizations, fields of research, or any other parameters.

When portfolios reach pre-determined milestones to progress through Investment Classes, which are allocated depending on their stage of development, a company valuation and round of investment are triggered. Investment occurs across five defined stages of development, from early-stage research and development to solving integration funding or scale capital needs.


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