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The Barriers to Innovation

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The many and immense barriers stopping innovations from reaching commercialization are a serious challenge of the modern world, which is why Scale Facilitation® is needed. The Scale Facilitation® process is specifically designed to overcome the problems standing in the way of products or ideas meeting their full potential.

Scale Facilitation® Scouting (SFS)

SFS is the first step in linking researchers and inventors with the partners they need to truly innovate. SFS works closely with research partners and companies to identify technologies with the capacity to change lives and to understand the gaps and barriers that might be limiting their development and potential to become revolutionary innovations.

The Scale Facilitation® industry network also generates numerous innovation leads, by identifying technology gaps in the market. SFS leverages these market generated leads and introduces them to inventors, allowing them to target their development and removing a key barrier to innovation – adoption.

Scale Facilitation® Operations (SFO)

Managing the operational side of an innovation is not always a job best done by an innovator themselves. Outsourcing the management of a product can be costly either financially or through loss of IP, which can be a deterrent for innovators. The alternative often means innovators must operate their innovation as a business, often with little business or management experience.

SFO takes care of company creation for inventors so they can focus on developing the product, as is their expertise. SFO has networks and connections who are ready to take on the next big thing and have the scope to delegate the share of tasks fairly, specifically assigning a Scale Officer™ to each project to design, coordinate, and execute a strategic plan.

Digital Scale Facilitation® (DSF)

An innovation’s potential may be hindered by being misunderstood, having a poor or non-existent brand narrative, or through subpar marketing and other external communication.

DSF makes a specific effort to solve this issue. The DSF strategy team take care of branding, websites, and audio and visual content to tell the project’s story, lifting the burden off innovators. DSF continually supports innovations through their journey to commercialization, ensuring traction is maintained.

Scale Facilitation® Partners (SFP)

Many worthwhile innovations are either underfunded or struggle to acquire funding, as it is notoriously difficult to obtain and investor networks are difficult to infiltrate as an inventor.

SFP is using its extensive network of stakeholders and investors to connect inventors with the capital they need to succeed. This process involves incremental evaluations of the fundraising process for each project before moving onto the next stage, ensuring both the inventor and investor have their best interest upheld.

Innovation Security (I-SEC)

Just as capital is important, so is liquidity. As is commonly said in the financial world, “Cash is king,” and can be a factor that either allows a project to move forward or blocks further action.

Through I-SEC, Scale Facilitation® provides both expertise and financial liquidity to ensure innovations can operate smoothly and be ready to handle issues and opportunities as they arise.

Scale Facilitation® Channels (SFC)

SFC utilizes it's diverse distribution channels to allow innovations to form pathways to commercialization.

The current channels, SaniteX Global and, are contractors of New York State for the next five years, which is an opportunity that can be leveraged by portfolio companies for immediate market penetration. SFC has also developed a broad, inclusive, and incentivized reseller network for both physical and licensed products of its portfolio companies.

Our Scale Facilitation® pillars are carefully curated to best ensure the advancement of life-changing technologies.


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