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Shankar Raman Appointed CFO of Recharge Industries™

New York, NY, January 19, 2023 - Shankar Raman has been appointed the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Recharge Industries™. With an immediately relevant background in corporate finance and commodities, Shankar brings excellent experience to the Recharge Industries™ executive team. He has held leadership roles in the financial services, trading, and renewables and recycling sectors.

Before joining Recharge Industries™, Shankar served as CFO at Metallica Commodities (MCC), where he led the trade finance, investment, risk management, and accounting teams. During his tenure at MCC, Shankar led a substantial capital raise effort as well as numerous initiatives and investments in the recycling and renewables space. Prior to MCC, Shankar held roles in the transaction advisory practice, advising on middle-market transactions at Crowe, LLP, a national accounting and consulting firm.

Shankar joins Recharge Industries™ as the organization brings its Australian large-scale lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility to life. The first phase sees a 6GWh cell production plant come online, starting with a 2GWh line producing cells for customers in the Indo-Pacific region in the second half of 2024. At scale, the battery precinct in Avalon will produce 30GWh annual storage capacity, support multiple supply chain partners providing recycling, packaging and material inputs, and employ some 1,500-2,000 workers.

“We are excited to have Shankar join the Recharge Industries™ leadership team. He comes well equipped to help us take our work forward,” says Rob Fitzpatrick, CEO of Recharge Industries™. “His skills underscore our commercial and operational imperatives across trading, financial operations and risk management.”

“Shankar is a valuable addition to the Recharge Industries™ executive team,” says Scale Facilitation® CEO and founder David A. Collard. “His transactional and management experience within the commodities, recycling and renewables space make him a perfect fit for this key role.”

"I am excited to join the talented and rapidly growing Recharge Industries™ team. I look forward to working with them to unleash Australia’s renewable energy economy as we build one of the world’s largest advanced battery manufacturing facilities, generating thousands of jobs in the process and attracting large-scale investment,” says Shankar.

Shankar holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia Business School in New York and Bachelor of Science degrees from Syracuse University. He is based in New York City.

About Scale Facilitation®

With its Global Headquarters in Manhattan and its Global Innovation Center in Geelong, Australia, Scale Facilitation® is working bilaterally to bring together research, advanced manufacturing, capital, supply chains and talent.

Scale Facilitation® is an investment firm with a novel approach de-risking projects by empowering innovators to maintain focus on their craft and facilitating the many critical services and capabilities required to deliver large-scale advanced manufacturing and innovation projects. Scale Facilitation® removes the many barriers to commercialization for innovators by giving access to the right strategic partners and collaborators who will adopt and scale their inventions.

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About Recharge Industries™

Generating our green future, Recharge Industries™ is establishing onshore battery cell research and production. Using world leading artificial intelligence (AI) and multinational research partnerships, we are finding ways to make batteries better, safer, and longer lasting. We are powering the transition to a low emissions future by creating advanced battery cell manufacturing capabilities onshore.

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