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Scale Facilitation® secures significant technology transfer for Australia

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

May 13, 2022 – As the latest successful university to be announced under the Trailblazer Universities Program, Deakin University will receive a $50m grant to drive the largest green manufacturing ecosystem in Australia. The significant government funding was awarded to Deakin University for its Recycling and Renewable Energy Commercialisation Hub (REACH) submission.

The Australian federal government’s announcement of the success of Deakin University’s REACH submission officially launches Recharge Dynamics, the R&D arm of Recharge Industries. Recharge Industries is a portfolio company of Scale Facilitation® focused on the development of large-scale advanced battery manufacturing facilities.

Scale Facilitation® secured the rights to a significant portfolio of background intellectual property from the U.S. and coordinated with both Australian and U.S. research and industry partners to deliver a unique international collaboration.

The background intellectual property will be utilized by Deakin University to develop next-generation solutions to real-world and emerging problems, including the development of predictive safety systems for emerging battery technology and the reduction of battery cell wastage in advanced manufacturing processes deployed within large scale battery production facilities.

Recharge Dynamics will receive $10m of the $50m allocated to Deakin University’s REACH program.

Scale Facilitation® is enthusiastic about its role in strengthening both Australia and the United States’ sovereign resilience through energy security and is looking forward to significant upcoming commercialization opportunities for Recharge Dynamics and other REACH program participants.


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