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Scale Facilitation® launches in New York

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Scale Facilitation® was launched at Andaz 5th Avenue in the heart of New York City on November 15th – a fantastic night to kickstart collaboration and connection between inventors, innovators, and business owners.

It was inspiring to see attendees gather and mingle with a shared goal of using the Scale Facilitation® method to help the growth of innovations that will help humankind.

The event highlighted Scale Facilitation’s® primary financial pillar, Scale Facilitation® Partners (SFP), which provides funding for R&D projects with a goal of commercializing the resulting innovations – a key part of the Scale Facilitation® process.

Image via Scale Facilitation®

As a reflection on the partnership Scale Facilitation® envisions between the U.S. and Australia, the launch was held both in NYC and virtually for viewers in Australia and across the world.

Scale Facilitation® Advisor Roxanne E. Bennett hosted the virtual launch, which kicked off with an informal Q&A between Roxanne and fellow Advisors, David Coogan and Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld AC OBE.

Guest speakers and Scale Facilitation® Advisors, Dr. Gabrielle Page-Wilson and retired Major General Robert A. Karmazin spoke to the value and impact of Scale Facilitation®.

Image via Scale Facilitation®

“Scale Facilitation® is really about bringing about the necessary collaborations to take science from the lab out to the world," said Dr. Page-Wilson.

“What we need is trusted partnerships... [who] have the capacity to help scientists navigate industry, enterprise, and government.”

Image via Scale Facilitation®

Major General Karmazin said, “I think anyone who gets involved with this organization is going to be able to sleep very well at night... with [this] incredible [Scale Facilitation®] model.

“To work with Dave and the team he has put together, who share this vision, is inspiring.”

Managing Partner, David A. Collard also spoke at the event, discussing the integrity and importance of the Scale Facilitation® process.

In discussing Scale Facilitation® prior to the launch, Collard explained, “People look at new things as potential risks, but SFP has appointed the most strategic people – special operators - to oversee and execute projects. We work with a commercialization partner from the inception of an idea, ensuring that idea is fostered until it is adopted,” he says.

“It’s not just investment – it’s Scale Facilitation®.”

Scale Facilitation® would like to formally thank everyone who made the launch possible, including Advisors, Team, long-term supporters, and new adopters.


To view the full recording of the Scale Facilitation® launch, please contact us.


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