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Scale Facilitation® Launches Friend Shoring™

Friend Shoring™ builds on the notion that countries that share essential business standards and ethical values with respect to how to conduct themselves in a global economy, should find ways to strengthen their partnerships and deepen their international cooperation. Scale Facilitation® has a track record of success in this novel concept, which led to the creation of Friend Shoring™, a secure and efficient model to facilitate the successful establishment of sovereign advanced manufacturing and innovation capabilities in like-minded nations.

Friend Shoring™ provides advanced manufacturers and research institutions from the U.S. with expedited access to the many significant benefits Australia provides, including vast critical resources and supply chains, a highly skilled workforce, access to scale capital, world-leading innovation, and research partners, facilitation of opportunities, bilateral talent transfers, and generous economic and tax incentives. Friend Shoring™ draws on the global experience and success of Scale Facilitation’s® deal-making.

Scale Facilitation® initiates and leads large-scale advanced manufacturing and innovation partnerships between Australia, as well as other friendly nations, with Recharge Industries™ being a recent example - a large-scale lithium-ion battery cell battery production facility coupled with a bilateral state-of-the-art research partnership. Recharge Industries™ is a ‘Priority Project’ of the Australian Government and has successfully negotiated an industrial relations agreement with the Australian Workers Union.

Scale Facilitation® facilitated numerous talent visas in both Australia and the U.S. to support the project and successfully secured intellectual property and technical know-how from the U.S. to enable a sister manufacturing facility to be established in Australia. The intellectual property portfolio is valued at over USD $500 million.

Recharge Industries™ and Scale Facilitation® also played a key role in securing a competitive AUD $50 million funded research and development program in Australia, along with supporting its U.S. research and technology partner to secure USD $67 million in research funding from the U.S. government.

Scale Facilitation® has other Friend Shoring™ projects underway involving large-scale critical industries such as semiconductors and rare-earth magnets, which will see sister facilities of the U.S. primary facility, established in Australia.

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