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Scale Facilitation® Expands its 2023 Scale Analyst Program™️

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

New York, NY, January 31, 2023 – Building on its successful 2022 Scale Analyst Program™️, Scale Facilitation® has launched its 2023 Scale Analyst Program™️ for Australian and U.S.-based Analysts. The program presents an opportunity for driven and talented professionals to join a diverse and rapidly growing international company working at the leading edge of innovation.

With its Global Headquarters in Manhattan and its Global Innovation Center in Geelong, Australia, Scale Facilitation® is working bilaterally to bring together research, advanced manufacturing, capital, supply chains and talent. The Scale Analyst Program™️ integrates top young professionals into the different departments and pillars at Scale Facilitation® - and in the process helps them scale their careers.

Scale Facilitation® is an investment firm with a novel approach de-risking projects by empowering innovators to maintain focus on their craft and facilitating the many critical services and capabilities required to deliver large-scale advanced manufacturing and innovation projects. Scale Facilitation® removes the many barriers to commercialization for innovators by giving access to the right strategic partners and collaborators who will adopt and scale their inventions.

This year's program is being run at both our global headquarters in NYC at One World Trade Center (82nd floor) and at our Global Innovation Center in Geelong, Australia. Twelve Scale Analysts from Australia and the U.S. were selected from a pool of applicants for the Scale Facilitation® 2023 Scale Analyst Program™️. Those selected as new Scale Analysts™️ will get immersive and practical interdepartmental experience, enjoy personal development, and engage in meaningful community service throughout the year-long program.

Scale Analysts™️ in Geelong

"The Scale Analyst Program™️ embeds both business and military characteristics and discipline to ensure the Scale Analysts™️ will hit the ground running while being well supported and learning the values of teamwork, stress management, communication, leadership, community engagement, and importantly respect for the value of employment," says Jeff Boers, Scale Facilitation® ️ Managing Director of Strategic Projects and the program lead. Boers was a US Army Special Operations Leader with over 28 years of experience in high-performance roles in elite units and has numerous operational deployments.

“This is a unique program that positions participants to contribute to the firm immediately, experience professional growth, develop a unique understanding of our of business and integrate with our team members,” says Boers. To learn more about the program, click here.

Scale Analysts™️ in Manhattan


Our 12-month Scale Analyst Program™ focuses on recruiting and cultivating talented and driven professionals to join Scale Facilitation® and become not only part of an innovative and exciting organization, but also a company that values a sense of belonging. They will have the opportunity to grow, gain experience and be mentored in a range of skills.


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