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Scale Facilitation® Establishes Joint Investment Committee to bolster oversight of Fund

New York, NY, December 19, 2022 - Scale Facilitation® Founder and CEO, David A. Collard recently announced the members of the company’s Joint Investment Committee, an important risk management milestone and best practice in preparation for the launch of Australian Scale Facilitation Fund I. The Joint Investment Committee will provide oversight over both the Australian and U.S. Investment Managers of Scale Facilitation®.

The establishment of a Joint Investment Committee is an important risk management practice that provides governance over both the Australian and U.S. Investment Managers of Scale Facilitation®. The Investment Committee serves as a steward of the Fund and is responsible for planning and oversight of its investments. To this end, the Committee ensures robust analysis, discussion, and processes regarding each investment decision to achieve long-term goals and protect the interests of investors and its members.

Due to their diverse set of perspectives and deep experiences, members include: David Coogan, with 35 years’ experience as a leading superannuation expert in Australia; Peter Messana, who held various leadership roles in the US banking and capital markets practice as a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC); Sun Kang, Head of Scale Facilitation® Partners (SFP) following senior roles at NY-based hedge funds and banks; and David A. Collard, founder and CEO of Scale Facilitation®, who will also serve as the Committee Chairman.

“This Committee is comprised of financial and investment experts extremely well suited to guide Scale Facilitation® investment decisions and ensure that a vigorous due diligence process occurs to safeguard the interests of Scale Facilitation® and all its stakeholders. I am honored to work alongside these outstanding professionals whom I know will provide exceptional investment guidance, regulatory and industry expertise,” says David A. Collard.

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