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Scale Facilitation®: Commitment to Diversity

Scale Facilitation® is strongly committed to ensuring our workplace is inclusive and diverse. Our Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Damon Williams, recently sat down with the Scale Facilitation® Digital Scale Facilitation (DSF) team to discuss the importance of diversity in the business.

“The power of Scale Facilitation®,” Damon says, “is the connecting factor bridging together certain communities and cultures of humanity and different economies.”

Scale Facilitation® is proud to employ people from a variety of economic, racial and cultural backgrounds.

“...People who have been through challenges and experiences that no one else has.... have a unique perspective on where the economy can navigate and grow,” says Damon.

Scale Facilitation® provides opportunities for different inventors and innovators who may have been overlooked because of something simple, “like the way they look, their cultural background, where they’re from, a language barrier,” says Damon.

“The fact that we can collaborate and bring innovators from different countries who have different backgrounds, different research methods, together – these different methods of thinking is what we want to bring to the table and what we want to collaborate on,” continues Damon.

Key drivers of the success of Scale Facilitation® in this area, Damon says, are educating each other, utilizing each other’s resources, and working together to improve humanities efforts to grow.

Scale Facilitation® is proud to be an actively diverse and inclusive workplace and looks forward to continuing growth in this area under Damon’s leadership.


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