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Scale Facilitation® CEO David A. Collard Confirms Commitment to Veteran Employment at SOTF Event

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

August 18, 2022, Chicago - Scale Facilitation® CEO and Founder, David A. Collard, and Managing Director, Michael Winn, attended the Special Operators Transition Foundation (SOTF) Chicago Workshop Event where David spoke to the current cohort of transitioning special operations forces (SOF) veterans about the Scale Facilitation® mission, model, and continuing commitment to hiring SOF veterans. Michael spoke about his own experience as a SOTF alum, his transition from the SOF community into the private sector and the unique opportunities SOF veterans have within Scale Facilitation®.

Scale Facilitation® is proud to be a hiring partner and sponsor of SOTF, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping SOF veterans transition from the military into their next successful career. The Scale Facilitation® relationship with SOTF extends back to the very beginning of the Scale Facilitation® journey, when David reached out to SOTF CEO, Tommy Stoner, and Director of Corporate Engagements and Programs, Dennis Hayashi, in December of 2020 looking for the type of high performing individuals he knew he was going to need to make Scale Facilitation® a reality.

David initially hired three SOTF fellows to help build and grow Scale Facilitation® into the company it is today. Michael and fellow SOTF alumni and Managing Directors, Jeff Boers and Don Kingston joined David in the first quarter of 2021 and started down the path of bringing his vision to life. As the company grows, Scale Facilitation® continues to onboard SOTF fellows into critical roles within the company as well on the Advisory Board.

Rounding out the company’s current SOTF team are Major General (R) Robert A. “Bob” Karmazin who serves as an Advisory Board Member and Chief Scale Officer for Scale Facilitation® flagship portfolio company Recharge Industries™, serving alongside former Australian Defense Force Special Operations Veteran and current Scale Officer David Hay. Joining Bob on the Advisory Board is Lieutenant General (R) Mark C. Schwartz who also serves as Special Advisor to the CEO. The latest SOTF additions to the Scale Facilitation team are alumni Joshua Wines and Steve Majauskas who serve as Scale Officers overseeing a portfolio of Scale Facilitation® Projects.

Scale Facilitation® believes in the high caliber and tremendous capability of transitioning SOF veterans as a true differentiator and competitive advantage in the private sector. As the company continues to grow and scale across the globe, Scale Facilitation® is committed to continuing screening, selecting, and hiring high-performing SOF veterans from both the US and Australia, with SOTF being the hiring partner of choice.

About Scale Facilitation®

Scale Facilitation® is a new way of funding innovation by empowering innovators to maintain laser focus on their craft without having to worry about R&D funding. Separate from private equity, sovereign wealth, and traditional venture capital funds, Scale Facilitation® removes common barriers to commercialization for innovators by giving access to the right strategic partners and collaborators who will adopt and scale their inventions ready for global launch. To learn more about Scale Facilitation®, visit

About Recharge Industries™

Generating our green future, Recharge Industries™ is establishing onshore battery cell research and production. Using world leading artificial intelligence (AI) and multinational research partnerships, we are finding ways to make batteries better, safer, and longer lasting. We are powering the transition to a low emissions future by creating advanced battery cell manufacturing capabilities onshore. For more information on Recharge Industries™, please visit


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