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Scale Facilitation® announces suite of Managing Directors

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

November 21, 2022 - Scale Facilitation® recently promoted four of its directors to managing director roles to reflect their execution of company strategy, impact on their team and company stakeholders as well as their resulting contribution to the growth of Scale Facilitation®.

Jackie Noller was elevated from Director of People to Managing Director, People. In this role, Jackie will continue to strategically develop functions across people operations, talent attraction, employee relations and support the initiatives of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. She creates the positive and supportive environment Scale Facilitation® prides itself on.

“Scale Facilitation® is an incredibly unique company to be a part of and it’s a considerable honour to support the growth of our talented workforce in this role, while seeing the culture to thrive,” says Jackie. 

Luke Thackeray, previously, Director of Innovation, in charge of the Scale Facilitation Scouting (SFS) pillar, now holds the title of Managing Director, Head of SFS. Luke will continue to be responsible for identifying technology and companies and working closely with Australian and U.S. research institutions to find innovations that can benefit from the services Scale Facilitation® offers, and then securely onboarding those selected projects.

“It has been great to see the business accomplish so much over the last 2 years, and I feel very privileged to be part of such a dynamic and collaborative team. I am looking forward to further developing our portfolio of technologies and implementing some exciting programs and initiatives", says Luke.

Joel Buncle will continue to lead the internal creative and communications agency within Scale Facilitation® known as Digital Scale Facilitation (DSF), now as Managing Director, Head of DSF his role encompasses the management of creative strategy, brand, communications and content teams.

"It’s been exciting to see our portfolio of companies grow alongside the growth of Scale Facilitation® the Digital Scale Facilitation pillar itself. I’m looking forward to scaling up our marketing and production efforts over the coming months to sustain and improve our current trajectory," says Joel.

Todd Noller has been promoted from Director of Technology to Managing Director, Technology. Todd will lead Scale Facilitation's® global technology portfolio and manage capabilities across cyber security, product engineering and enterprise IT. He owns and drives Scale Facilitation® technology initiatives that support company strategy.

“At Scale Facilitation®, every day is unique, and we consistently have the opportunity to utilize advanced and emerging technologies to develop applied solutions that benefit national interests,” says Todd.

CEO and Founder, David A. Collard says the decision to elevate these four individuals was an easy one and accords with his vision for the company.

“These are four exceptional people who have proven their value and extraordinary contributions to the company,” says David. “They each have unique and highly specialised skill sets that benefit our company, and they understand the principles and mission of the firm. Importantly they have demonstrated leadership and dedication to the company, its stakeholders and their teammates.”

This round of promotions also included two middle management promotions, with Gus Beeforth becoming Global Head of Brand, and Jessica Harding being elevated to Head of People, Australia.


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