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Retired Colonel David Hay appointed as Scale Officer

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Retired Colonel David Hay has been appointed as a Scale Officer for Project Recharge, Scale Facilitation’s® advanced battery manufacturing portfolio company.

An exceptional leader, COL (R) David Hay instills confidence and a leadership-at-every-level approach in the multi-disciplinary teams he leads. He demonstrates dynamic problem-solving abilities and has spent a significant portion of his career challenging the status quo through innovation and modernization.​

COL (R) Hay has had a distinguished career in the Australian Defence Force, with a variety of roles both internationally and throughout Australia. He has successfully managed leadership engagement programs for senior government, defense, and business.​

COL (R) Hay is a trusted leader who encourages greatness in those around him, ensuring teams are prepared, able, and ready to seize opportunities and tackle challenges as they arise.​

“There are many, many opportunities to connect research institutions, innovation, ordinary people out there who have an idea, and we can connect them through the Scale Facilitation® model,” says COL (R) Hay.


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