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New York Post praises

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Earlier this year, one of Scale Facilitation's® portfolio companies, the Smart Analytical Model (SAM), was launched on the channel and became the sole focus of a New York Post cover wrap.

It was a milestone for the progression of the product to not only launch SAM and commence its continuing mission to help re-open the education sector of New York, but also to collaborate with the New York Post in getting the message out to teachers, family, and school boards.

Social media coverage celebrating the New York Post x SAM cover wrap captured the attention of the Australian Consulate-General to New York, who reiterated the importance of SAM for schools.

A QR code within the printed cover wraps led to an expanded version of the home page, which showcased the benefit for schools. These useful functions included a calculator to decipher the amount of federal funding each Learning Education Agency (LEA) in New York is entitled from all three ESSER funds under the CARES Act, CRRSA Act, and ARP Act.

Featured on the SAM-specific is a quote from Kellie Moulin, Assistant Principal of Worcester Public Schools in Massachusetts:

“There is significant federal funding available and not utilized, most teachers don’t even know it exists.’s SAM app makes procuring health and safety products easy so schools can focus their efforts where they belong, on teaching the next generation.”

This great landmark for Scale Facilitation® and kickstarted schools adopting SAM into their everyday procurement operations.


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