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Major General (R) Robert A. Karmazin appointed as Chief Scale Officer

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Scale Facilitation® Advisory Board Member, Retired Major General Robert A. ‘Bob’ Karmazin has been appointed as Chief Scale Officer for Recharge Industries – Scale Facilitation’s® advanced battery manufacturing portfolio company. The role will comprise coordination for every aspect of the project, including core research activity in Australia and securing renewable energy supply for Australia and the United States.

Recharge Industries involves a significant transfer of intellectual property from the United States to Australia, a technology transfer that is critical for both countries. As the Chief Scale Officer, MG (R) Karmazin will be responsible for coordinating the technology transfer, connecting research partners and industry, and ensuring the link from the United States remains strong and mutually beneficial to both allied countries. MG (R) Karmazin will maintain oversight of the project from the United States and work closely with Australian Scale Officers to ensure the project reaches its milestones on time and on budget.

MG (R) Karmazin has over 30 years of highly decorated service in areas relating to strategy, operations, portfolio management, and innovation. MG (R) Karmazin has collaboratively managed and fostered the successful delivery of significant technology projects, including being responsible for an enterprise-wide application of simulation interoperability technologies, recognizing the importance of using artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize operations and reduce risk.

MG (R) Karmazin believes Recharge Industries is at the forefront of battery technology research. “There have been pivotal moments in history where there was technology that just changed the world,” says MG (R) Karmazin, continuing, “This is a pivotal moment - we're now looking at advanced battery technology… It's very humbling to be at that pivotal point.”


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