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Former Head of British Army’s Military and International Relations Joins Advisory Team

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

New York, NY October 4, 2022 – Scale Facilitation® is pleased to announce that UK Brigadier Edward Dawes OBE (recently retired) has joined our advisory board. His addition to the Scale Facilitation® Advisory Board strengthens its international and security credentials to now include a highly decorated, UK-based advisor with deep international relations and military experience.

Brigadier Dawes brings over 30 years of military experience as well as an impressive international network, having served in seven wars and worked extensively alongside trusted allies and partners, particularly US and Australian forces.

His considerable military and diplomatic experience include a tour of the United Nations HQ in New York. Tours in the UK Ministry of Defense culminated in heading the British Army’s corporate, national and international relationships with allies and key partners – this included serving as liaison with the UK Parliament and government departments across Westminster.

His service covered specialist, intelligence, and command appointments including sensitive diplomatic roles and commanding a Commando Regiment committed to global operations.

Brigadier Dawes has been decorated as an Officer of both the Order of the British Empire (for operations in Africa) and of the US Legion of Merit (for operations in the Middle East, a rare privilege for a Brit). Originally an engineering graduate, he holds a master’s degree in military technology and maintains a particular interest in tech innovation.

“I am thrilled to join the Scale Facilitation® Advisory Board and am honored to be serving alongside such a distinguished, talented group of diverse professionals. As a commando, I was always searching for advantage and saw how rapidly procured innovation added a winning edge. AUKUS now binds together the most trusted technology partnership to do just that for Australian, UK and US security. Scale Facilitation® takes a unique approach to the global business environment - Friend Shoring our best innovations to deliver a decisive edge. This is the future of business and nation allies working together more effectively to achieve shared prosperity,” says Brigadier Dawes.

"Edward is a global diplomat, highly skilled military strategist, and all-around leader. He’s worked at the UN and navigated difficult operations and negotiations in some of the world’s most dynamic environments. We are excited that Edward has joined the team and look forward to his many contributions, especially in areas related to defense and security innovations,” says Jeff Boers, Director of Strategic Projects and Advisory Board Liaison at Scale Facilitation®.

“It is an honor and a privilege to have Edward join our Advisory Board. His outstanding experience, his extraordinary military and diplomatic credentials make him a wonderful addition to our talented and professionally diverse Advisory Board,” says Scale Facilitation® Founder and CEO, David A. Collard.

About Brigadier (R) Edward Dawes

After a highly distinguished, 30-year career serving in the British Army, Brigadier Dawes currently serves as a Managing Director at Hyrlian Consulting. As part of that role, he serves as a consulting adviser to the RAND Corporation for a Middle East focused study in support of the US State Department's Security Coordinator to Israel and the Palestinian Authority. To view Brigadier Edward Dawes LinkedIn profile, click here.

About Scale Facilitation®

In its simplest form, Scale Facilitation® is a company that creates companies. Experts in empowering innovation from an idea through to commercialization, Scale Facilitation® manages and has delivered several strategic projects between the United States of America and its long-term ally Australia, including Recharge Industries™. To learn more about Scale Facilitation®, click here.

About Friend Shoring

Friend Shoring™ provides advanced manufacturers and research institutions from the U.S. with expedited access to the many significant benefits Australia provides, including vast critical resources and supply chains, a highly skilled workforce, access to scale capital, world-leading innovation, and research partners, facilitation of opportunities, bilateral talent transfers, and generous economic and tax incentives. Friend Shoring™ draws on the global experience and success of Scale Facilitation’s® deal-making. To learn more about Friend Shoring™, click here.


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