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Battery Industry Leaders converge on Geelong for Recharge Industries™ Conference, Jan 16-20, 2023

Geelong, Victoria, AUS, January 16, 2023 – Industry professionals from the US, Europe and Australia are meeting in Geelong, Victoria, mid-January, to shape the critical elements for Australia’s transformational large-scale lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing facility and battery precinct, being driven by Recharge Industries™.

The Battery Conference 2023, will define the critical path to ensure Australia’s first 30GWh battery production facility is developed expeditiously, leveraging best in class technical and ecological insights. Delegates, who are experts in production, design, supply chain management, engineering, chemistry, project management and related fields, will attend this five-day conference to collaborate on:

  • Technical requirements for the design of Stage 1 of the Recharge Industries™ advanced manufacturing battery cell facility;

  • Supply chain partner needs integrating into the production capability;

  • Essential design processes for battery production facilities and their expansion, including creating a “battery precinct” and what that looks like.

The conference occurs at a crucial juncture as advanced manufacturing reasserts its contribution to the local Geelong, and broader Victorian community, with Recharge Industries™ large-scale battery cell manufacturing facility and battery precinct under way at Avalon. Through this initiative, Recharge Industries™ is creating the first facility of its kind in Australia, creating 1,500 to 2000 direct jobs for the area per an independent report commissioned November 15, 2022, from one of the world's leading professional services firms.

“Australia has a choice: to be a follower or a leader in the world’s inevitable move to renewable energy. As a provider of the critical element for reliable green power distribution – storage – Recharge Industries™ is moving assuredly, with global leaders and key decision-makers, to create a domestically-strong supply chain. The economic resilience this offers will be a boon for local employment and investment, and pay dividends for the Victorian and Australian people, for decades to come,” says Recharge Industries™ CEO, Rob Fitzpatrick.

“To that end, we are honoured those representatives - including Members of Parliament from the Victorian Government, industry advisors, Federal government agencies and the research sector – are joining us to participate in this transformational change engagement.”

About Recharge Industries™

Generating our green future, Recharge Industries™ is establishing onshore battery cell research and production. Using world leading artificial intelligence (AI) and multinational research partnerships, we are finding ways to make batteries better, safer, and longer lasting. We are powering the transition to a low emissions future by creating advanced battery cell manufacturing capabilities onshore. Recharge Industries™ is a portfolio company of Scale Facilitation®.

For more information on Recharge Industries™, please visit

About Scale Facilitation®

With its Global Headquarters in Manhattan and its Global Innovation Center in Geelong, Australia, Scale Facilitation® is working bilaterally to bring together research, advanced manufacturing, capital, supply chains and talent.

Scale Facilitation® is an investment firm with a novel approach de-risking projects by empowering innovators to maintain focus on their craft and facilitating the many critical services and capabilities required to deliver large-scale advanced manufacturing and innovation projects. Scale Facilitation® removes the many barriers to commercialization for innovators by giving access to the right strategic partners and collaborators who will adopt and scale their inventions.

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