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Commitment to Higher Education

Scale Facilitation® is committed to supporting the higher education sector, both in Australia and the United States. We respect the prolific and high-quality output of the universities in both countries and the talented individuals they empower. We are dedicated to ensuring our higher education institutions remain globally revered.

In 2021, we committed $1 million dollars to Deakin University, to support research and translational activity in artificial intelligence and commenced a number of other research projects and collaborations with institutions in both Australia and the United States.

To date, Scale Facilitation® has committed over $100 million to research institutions. 


Commitment to Industry Collaboration

The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) program established by the Australian Government supports Australian industries’ ability to compete and produce. CRCs do this by helping industry to partner with the research sector to solve industry-identified problems. Scale Facilitation®, through our portfolio companies, has recently committed a total of $3 million dollars to the Critical Supply Chain CRC as well as the Regional Advanced Manufacturing CRC.

Scale Facilitation® is built on supporting Australian research and development and enabling its innovations to realize their industrial and commercial potential. This foundation aligns with the mission and purpose of the CRC program and we are excited to see the benefits these collaborations will bring to industry and the broader community.


Other Partners


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