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Management Team

Vanessa Geronimo

Vanessa Geronimo is the Managing Director of Finance, and is responsible for building best-in-class strategies and scalable solutions from the ground up for business and key corporate finance initiatives.

Vanessa Geronimo is a global Finance and Accounting leader within the financial services industry with over 20 years of impactful record of success notably at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and various highly regulated startup companies.

Prior to joining Scale Facilitation, Vanessa held Chief Accounting Officer/Head of Finance positions at various heavily regulated high-growth startup companies where she was responsible for overseeing all aspects of corporate Finance and Accounting roles and responsibilities.

She is a thought leader who has led key firm initiatives that drove business growth and infrastructure transformation and provided strategic financial leadership and advisory to Executive Management teams, which maximized capital investments, optimized P&L performance, reduced business risk and resulted in significant cost savings.

Vanessa Geronimo

Key Values


What does Scale Facilitation® mean to you?

“We help inventors manage obstacles along their way to commercialization, which in turn produces breakthrough and disruptive innovations that will benefit humankind and I am immensely proud to be part of it.”

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