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Management Team

Thomas Dwyer

Thomas is the Director of External Affairs in Australia, and is responsible for working and communicating with local, state and federal governments, departments and authorities, to create, nurture and maintain strong relationships for Scale Facilitation®. He is also responsible for driving strategic partnerships with Australian and International bodies and organisations.

Prior to joining the Scale Facilitation® team, Thomas spent 13 years working in the mining and resources industries, the last seven of those years spent specifically in the explosives industry. Thomas worked in a variety of technical and senior operational roles, gaining a multitude of experience and overseeing projects on Iron ore, Gold, Copper, Coal and Spodumene (Lithium) sites. He has been involved in a number of successful supply and technical service contract negotiations.

Thomas has sat on various WH&S committees and has been responsible for the creation and widespread implementation of WH&S policies and procedures, including fatigue management and risk assessment policies. Thomas is a passionate people person. He prides himself on his communication and leadership skills and thrives on any opportunity to help develop or assist his employees and colleagues.

Thomas Dwyer

Key Values


What does Scale Facilitation® mean to you?

"Scale Facilitation® focuses on best possible outcomes, not obstacles. We achieve the best outcomes by applying our unique business model and investing in every aspect of the innovation continuum. We conquer the hardest climbs, to get the best views of every idea in front of us.”

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