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Management Team

Michael S. Winn

Michael S. Winn serves as Managing Director, Operations and Head of Scale Facilitation Operations, one of the firm's global strategic pillars, and is responsible for the organizational design and growth of the firm, operational oversight of portfolio companies, and aligning people, processes, and priorities to streamline execution and create value across the organization.   
Michael is a United States Marine Veteran with over 20 years' experience developing and leading teams through complex and challenging environments around the world.   
He is a dedicated leader with extensive experience building high performing teams and leading them to success in fast-paced and complex environments in both the military and private industry. Michael constantly seeks the threads of opportunity and barriers to success that wind throughout an organization and successfully navigates both to support his team and drive operational success for the firm. 

Michael S. Winn

Key Values

Loyalty builds Teams
Trust drives Speed and Execution 
Integrity leads to Success

What does Scale Facilitation® mean to you?

“From creating meaningful impact for the individual inventor to connecting critical capabilities on the world stage, Scale Facilitation is uniquely positioned to strengthen the future of innovation and help create a better tomorrow.”

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