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Management Team

James Panaretos

James is the Head of Investor Relations and is responsible for managing investors and investment partners throughout the relationship lifecycle and administration, working collaboratively with US and Australian counterparts and service providers aligned to objectives.

James is a leadership, sales, and growth strategy specialist with an academic and professional background in economics, international tax law and accounting. He has held leadership positions in several national and multinational financial services organisations and including group executive roles in retail and institutional business development, strategy, marketing, and relationship management.

In addition to his work with Scale Facilitation®, James holds a number of advisory roles and works with various organisations across multiple industries providing sales leadership and strategic growth consulting services.

James is a strategic and lateral thinker with extensive experience in leadership, management, communications, business operations, strategic planning and execution.  His technical background provides him with a well-rounded set of skills to help his clients succeed.

James Panaretos

Key Values


What does Scale Facilitation® mean to you?

“Scale Facilitation® is about working smarter to create value in a sustainable and ethical way that benefits the entire community” 

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