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Management Team

James Fatone

James Fatone is the Chief of Staff at Scale Facilitation® and works closely with Managing Partner and Founder, David A. Collard, advising on strategic and sensitive matters. He is responsible for co-ordinating and working with high level management and pillar heads. He oversees CEO projects while also working company-wide in financial functions, business planning and budgeting. He currently also serves as Director of Industrial Relations for Recharge Industries™.

James has worked in high-risk civil construction and manufacturing roles, both managerial and operational. He has significant experience as a manager and supervisor throughout a range of sectors. He has been an integral part of the Scale Facilitation® journey and has worked across subsequent entities such as SaniteX Australia, SaniteX Global, and, among others.

James has delivered on numerous projects, most recently negotiating three Enterprise Bargaining Agreements with the AWU for Recharge Industries™, Allied Magnets™ and Nano Foundries™ and leading the formation of the Scale Facilitation Transition Foundation.

James Fatone

Key Values


What does Scale Facilitation® mean to you?

”At its core, Scale Facilitation® gives dreamers and inventors the opportunity to turn visions from their minds eye into reality. Helping facilitate these visions into reality is truly a rewarding experience. Having the ability to also change the world through these projects, and our own, is why I believe in Scale Facilitations method.”

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