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Joint Investment Committee

David A. Collard

Investment Committee Chair

David A. Collard is the founder of Scale Facilitation® and related entities, SaniteX Global and A Manhattan-based global business executive and turnaround business strategist, he has a sharp eye for business, teamwork, and entrepreneurship, and a client-centric mindset.

Collard is managing partner of Scale Facilitation® and the Head of Scale Facilitation Partners (SFP), one of the firm's global strategic pillars. While being based in New York, Collard often works across both time zones, demonstrating a 24-7 commitment to the firm.

Collard has an extensive network of executive and trusted advisor relationships in several industries, including many of New York’s well-known titans in the banking sector. This network has helped establish Scale Facilitation’s® advisory board.

Collard’s desire to always be challenged never ceases. He is a rare breed of entrepreneur, one with both visionary foresight, international business disciplines, a proven ability to execute, and significant experience in both the U.S. and international markets.

David A. Collard

Key Values


What does Scale Facilitation® mean to you?

“Scale Facilitation® is about applying a unique feel to creating a company, but in a standardized way where everyone sees the benefit of comparative advantages”

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