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Our Advisors

Professor Rajesh Vasa

Working as the Head of Translational Research at Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2), Professor Rajesh Vasa is a passionate academic with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), complex systems, and automated software engineering.

Professor Vasa’s passion for innovation resulted in him founding multiple technology companies and contributing to scholarly works in software engineering and the evolution of complex systems. His work spans building intelligent homes, reducing traffic congestion, large-scale simulations to improve outcomes in the military, using gamification to improve dementia care, zero-day attack detection to improve cyber-security, and supporting decision-making in clinical settings. Recent work in collaboration with the Alfred Hospital to support remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients has been deployed in both Australia and the United States.

Professor Vasa has worked in the technology industry from the beginning of the dot-com era, first as a Lead Developer for Telstra and later holding positions at Thomson Reuters as a Solution Architect and Technology Director. He has also been a Technology Strategy Advisor for both Suyati Technologies and Pondr.

A leader of true innovation, Professor Vasa is committed to improving the world by building tolerant and robust AI systems in cost-effective ways.

Professor Rajesh Vasa

What does Scale Facilitation® 
mean to you?

"Scale Facilitation® offers a unique platform that supports the full innovation life-cycle from structural ideation, refinement & development, commercialization, and growth. This unique model is like having a nuclear reactor powering the ideas of researchers and innovators. In particular, the platform and aggregation of support infrastructure allows all key stakeholders to focus on their strengths; in essence, researchers can develop structural innovation, the commercial teams can support business model development, the scale operators that glue everyone together can coordinate and support the execution. Furthermore, the principle of empowering and recognizing the teams that develop out the ideas with the right incentive structures ensures that the core team that develops out the innovations is rewarded appropriately for their commitment."

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