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Our Advisors

Lieutenant General (R) Mark C. Schwartz

Lieutenant General (R) Mark Schwartz has over 20 years of exemplary global leadership experience, leading multi-service, multinational, and intergovernmental teams. He is driven by optimism while inspiring and empowering associates to achieve organizational objectives and their career goals.

A prominent career highlight for LTG (R) Schwartz is fostering individual growth of his subordinates. Specifically, providing opportunities for inclusion and empowerment of women within his organizations. LTG (R) Schwartz has advocated for and enabled multiple opportunities for women to advance to senior leadership within male dominated organizations.

LTG (R) Schwartz’s experiences have allowed him to demonstrate his expertise in operations management, strategic planning, and exceptional fiscal discipline overseeing multi-billion-dollar programming budgets. LTG (R) Schwartz’s experiences enable him to be key contributor to Human Capital Management; Nominating and Governance, Enterprise Risk; Cyber Security and Infrastructure Protection; Ethics Conduct and Culture; and Corporate Strategic Engagement.

A career Green Beret, LTG (R) Schwartz has served throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, and Europe. These experiences have resulted in Mark developing lasting relationships with a multitude of U.S. Allies and Partners.

Prior to his retirement, LTG (R) Schwartz served as the United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority from 2019-2021, working in Israel and the West Bank. He was responsible for U.S. security policy in developing Palestinian Authority Security Forces.

As the Deputy Commander for the Joint Special Operation Command, LTG (R) Schwartz was responsible for managing a $2.3B operating budget, care and maintenance of $10B of infrastructure, and a $12.3B programming portfolio.

Lieutenant General (R) Mark C. Schwartz

What does Scale Facilitation® 
mean to you?

“Scale Facilitation® brings together all the necessary core business competencies to enable individuals and organizations to realize their dreams of delivering innovative scientific and technology-based capabilities for the betterment of civil society. We foster the United States and Australia strategic relationship in a business culture that places integrity and trust at the forefront of every decision."

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